Lecture: A lifelong love story


The wedding took place in Tirsted Church on 24 June 1774. Bridethe groom was the heir to a large Lolland county, Christian Reventlow and his bride was Frederikke von Beulwitz, a poor men distinguished woman he had met unthere his studies at Sorø Academy. On their 250th-year's wedding anniversary, the Reventlow Museum invites you to a lecture about their time as lovers and their lange genuinecabinet, where 12 children were born and they became part of the jet set of the time.

Based on their many letters to each other, historian Louise Sebro tells about their lives and how their relationship reflects the burgeoning romance of the time, but also their disparate economic backgrounds. After the lecture, it will be possible to see the exhibition "Wedding at the manor" at the Reventlow Museum. Coffee/tea and a croissant are servednt during the break



The ticket price includes tea/coffee and a croissant during the break.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, the event will take place in Danish.

June 24



Reventlow Museum Pederstrup

Pederstrupvej 124

4943 Torrig L.

Adult: 180 DKK

Annual pass holder: DKK 115.

Reventlow Museum Pederstrup



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