Lecture: “Say yes!” with Julia Lahme

Julia Lahme

Love has never been more in focus than in these years; and the weddings are getting wilder, bigger and more and more personal. On 3 June, you can experience the wedding as the cultural-historical, stylistic-historical and trend-setting party fireworks it is, and at the same time be amazed and inspired when we take a closer look at the party of all parties.  

Say Yes - is a refreshing talk that invites you to explore the world of weddings, fashion and the seemingly invariable traditions that surround them. We take a closer look at love as perhaps the biggest status object of the time, and at the wedding as the (probably) biggest celebration of life, and we look both back and forward in time together. Because what we think is invariable need not be; and those we think are innovative often have a very long history.  

We are looking forward to an evening in the name of love! 

Julia Lahme is an experienced lecturer, author of a large number of books, director of her own communications agency and M.Sc. mag. in ethnology. She is known from a large number of lifestyle programs on DR1, TV 2 and TV 2 Charlie, where she shares her vast knowledge of the Danes' lifestyle, consumption, habits and, not least, history. 

Before the lecture, you can visit the newly opened exhibition about weddings in the museum's main building. Admission to the museum is included in the price. 



At 17-19: the exhibition is open

At 18: Tapas in Det Gamle Vaskehus (separate ticket purchased)

At 19: Lecture

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, the event will take place in Danish.

June 03



Reventlow Museum Pederstrup

Pederstrupvej 124

4943 Torrig L.


225 DKK

Annual pass holder:

185 DKK

Food ticket (manor tapas including a glass of wine, beer or juice):

225 DKK

Reventlow Museum Pederstrup



Note: Danish only