Special arrangement: For dinner at Falsterbonden


Dbefore evening must vi for dinner at Falsterbonden's anno 1850. It will be one sensual memory journey through of a village social layer, where we undervejs offers a wide taste palette of exciting dishes. While vi moves us around the village, eats vi with both the falster farmer, the school teacher, the farm worker and the chaplain and the miller, all the while the museum inspectors talk about how food played a decisive role for the population of the time.

The Falster farmer's menu: 

  • The farmer's wife's sacks: filled apple slices with schnapps 
  • The schoolmaster's snack: crispy rye bread with a dusting of pork rind and lardo and raw vegetables with dip 
  • Ane Huggemand's hot lunch: creamy pearl barley roe with baked leeks and fennel
    Farmer's dinner: long-baked pork neck with beer sauce, pears and baked potato 
  • The miller's cake: mikmus cake with dried fruit and cold butter 
  • The chaplain's dessert: porridge on summer berries with whipped cream and crumble


NOTE: The ticket price includes drinks (selected when purchasing the ticket).


Please note: Unless otherwise stated, the event will take place in Danish.

June 28



The Old Houses

Meinckesvej 5

4930 Maribo


849 DKK

The Old Houses



Note: Danish only