Special exhibition: Village wedding – feeling or sense?


The farmhouse is alive with life and the wedding bells are ringing. Farmer and widower Niels is to marry his second wife Ane. The whole village must join and preparations have been made for the very big celebration.  

In this year's special exhibition, we invite you to a village wedding and focus on 1800th-century marriage. Were they entered into out of pure love, out of duty, or was it purely for practical and sensible reasons? What did getting married mean? What did you get to eat and was there music for the feast? What traditions were followed and were there elements that we perceive today as a bit strange? 

Explore the farmhouse and listen, feel and smell a village wedding in the 1850s.


The exhibition opens on 1 May and can be seen until 29 September. In addition, it can be seen in weeks 42 and 43.

Please note that from 24 June until 31 August it is open until 17.


Please note: Unless otherwise stated, the event will take place in Danish.


01 May 2024


29. September 2024



The Old Houses

Meinckes Vej 5,

4930 Maribo

Alm. entrance

The Old Houses



Note: Danish only