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About cookies 

We use cookies on our website and Facebook pages. They collect information about you, which is used to customize and improve our content on the website.

Cookies are a file that is saved on your computer, mobile, tablet or similar. The file makes it possible to recognize your computer/mobile/tablet and remember settings, make statistics using e.g. Matomo Analytics and Facebook and target any ads you are allowed to see. Cookies cannot see who you are or what your name is and cannot contain harmful viruses or other programs that are harmful to your computer.

If you are not ok with us collecting this information, please delete your cookies and do not use our website. You can delete or block cookies in your browser. It is done differently in all browsers, if necessary follow this instructions.

If you delete or block cookies on the website, you risk that the page no longer works optimally and no content will be available to you. Ads will be less relevant and may also appear more frequently.


Note: Danish only