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Valid until 7 August

The old houses


A family on stilts

In the middle of the scenic Maribosøerne Nature Park located THE OLD HOUSES. It is Maribo's open-air museum. A little gem that provides experiences from the old days for both body and soul. Step back 200 years and sniff the mood. Explore the old half-timbered houses from Lolland-Falster and feel what it was like to live in the country in the 'old days'.
Move around a large historical stage, where the scenery is authentic houses with original objects. Here, ordinary people's everyday lives and living conditions are brought to life with small scenarios that illustratively show life in the countryside in the 1800th century.

THE OLD HOUSES in Maribo are full of fun activities for children. It is the place where you can live out your inner play child with several different old village games.

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