special exhibition

When death came past

Time has come to a standstill at Falstergården, where farm owner Anders Pedersen's pregnant wife Karen has died of a cold fever. She now lies quietly in her coffin in the courtyard's fine living room, waiting for the village to follow her on the final journey.

But around her there is great bustle. At the farm, they are in the process of preparing for her funeral party. Helpers are invited to the practical work of preparing all the food, the setting for the many guests and not least to carry the coffin to the grave.

Visit Falstergården and experience how a funeral party in the 1800th century could take place if you lived in the country. Around the farm you will find fun details, whimsical inventions and remnants of strange rituals that were a natural part of a funeral feast in the countryside 200 years ago.


Note: Danish only