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Are you arranging a family outing or a birthday party? Do you want to pamper friends and family with historical experiences? Then THE OLD HOUSES in Maribo are the place that can fulfill your desires. We offer tours of the open-air museum, and we tailor them to suit the exact experience you are looking for.

Let us make the experience complete and let us take care of the catering on the day. See the possibilities here

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THE OLD HOUSES in Maribo offer guided tours at a customized pace with the option to sit down along the way if the need arises. To make the experience as optimal as possible, you can contact the museum and agree on your needs in connection with a visit.

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2 men take a closer look at a house in the Old Houses

Company events and buses

Do you need to arrange your company's summer outing or staff day? Then THE OLD HOUSES in Maribo are the place that can fulfill your desires. We offer a wide range of fun experiences and activities with historical twist in the most magnificent setting. Compete in the old village games, be taught by the strict schoolmaster, hear about country life or taste old, local dishes.

We knit the day and your experience at the open-air museum together together, so that it suits your company.
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Buses can park at the museum.


Family at tables and benches with coffee

Everyone is welcome to enjoy packed lunches, picnic baskets and drinks in the beautiful surroundings of THE OLD HOUSES. Find one of the open-air museum's many table and bench sets, and enjoy a quiet moment before you continue the museum experience. You can also let us take care of the catering, so you just have to enjoy the day. It can be booked for groups of 10 or more. The booking must be made at least 5 days before arrival.

Pretzel w / coffee, pr. person DKK 50
Layer cake w / coffee, pr. person DKK 75
Sandwich w / soda or water, pr. person DKK 90

Ice cream, soft drinks, coffee / tea and sweets are sold in the shop.

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