THE OLD HOUSES are living communication

Experience the Chaplain's House come to life when the priest's widow and her niece from Copenhagen as well as servants - together or in shifts - convey the house's history and life in the 17th and 1800th centuries. The residents wear fantastic historical costumes from the period, which they like to show off, while they tell about the sometimes colorful life in a parsonage.

Also meet the smith of THE OLD HOUSES when he makes big and small things by the scorching ace, or follow the work by the loom in the Garden House, where beautiful fabrics are expertly made. In Havehuset, on special occasions, the old wood-burning stove is also lit up, where delicacies are made. In addition, there are various activities for children and adults in THE OLD HOUSES throughout the season, where various old crafts and handicrafts are disseminated at the open-air museum.

Se the calendar for when there is live communication in THE OLD HOUSES.

Live communication at the Open Air Museum in Maribo


Note: Danish only