About the place

THE OLD HOUSES tell about life in the country

The museum's old thatched half-timbered houses each contain a fantastic history. 2-300 years ago, these houses were built around Lolland-Falster, where they were home to families who lived, worked, had children and died. In the period 1924-2003, the houses were moved to Maribo's open-air museum, but if you are very attentive, you can still sense the thoughts, dreams, hopes and sorrows the old houses have been spectators to.

Since 1927, DE GAMLE HUSE as an open-air museum has conveyed Lolland-Falster's rural community and more than 300 years of building customs. Experience the small low-ceilinged rooms and look in behind the curtain in the beds. Take off your shoes in the farmhouse and feel the different floors. Write on the board at school. Get really close to the farmer, the farm worker, the pastor, the schoolteacher and the blacksmith in the old houses.

We put the experience at the center, and you get ample opportunity to reflect on the historical development that society has undergone over the last 2-300 years.

Throughout the season, various activities are held for children and adults that focus on rural life in the 'old days' and provide insight into the everyday life of the rural population.


Note: Danish only