The dodecahedron in the Riding House

Now you can experience Dodekalitten in Ridehuset in Pederstrup. Here is an exhibition about the 12 stone pillars that the artist Thomas Kadziola creates at Kragenæs.

The exhibition tells the story of the creation of the Dodekalitten through 70 photographs taken by Bibi Nissen. For the past six years, she has followed Thomas Kadziola's work and writes Dodecalite's biography with her camera.

She takes you behind the entire creation process from the selection of stones to the work of designing, transporting and erecting the stones. The photographs come very close to Thomas Kadziola's work. You can see the tools he uses and a handful of his sculptures.

Look into the Riding House. Immerse yourself and get the story of the Dodecahedron, also called Lollands Stonehenge.

The exhibition is open from 26 June to 11 September 2022, Tuesday to Sunday at 12-17.

There is free admission to the photo exhibition. Visit the museum's café.

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Note: Danish only