English tea room in the Czar's House

The Czar's House has a new tenant. Her name is Alka-Lea Margerison, and on the first of December she will open Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room. It is an old-fashioned English tea room created according to classic British traditions.

At Museum Lolland-Falster, we are very happy to have found a new tenant for the Czar's House, and we look forward to a collaboration that will be of great benefit to the museum.

It is completely in line with the spirit of the Czar's House that there is now again a restaurant in the building and even a classic English tea room, which puts history and traditions first, and the museum will have a café for the guests who visit the Museum Obscurum.

Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room has everything your heart desires from tea, scones and English pastries made according to classic traditions that go all the way back to Victorian England 150 years ago.

Also the serving is as British as it gets. Alka-Lea Margerison is in the kitchen herself and makes the scones and cakes that will be served. She was born in Zimbabwe and has lived for more than 20 years in England. She knows her roots and knows what makes a good cup of British tea.

A classic English tea table includes, among other things, old-fashioned scones, which are an inseparable companion to a cup of tea. There are sausage rolls, which consist of sausages baked in puff pastry, as well as various types of old-fashioned English pastries, which guests can enjoy with tea and the English newspapers they can sit and read in the meantime.

Alka-Lea Margerison also adds a modern twist to the tea table in the form of Royal afternoon sparkling tea with sparkling wine, just as it is possible to have a British beer or a cup of coffee if you are more into it. Guests can also purchase a selection of teas and other English products in the small sale she sets up in Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room.

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