Historical walks

Historical walks

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A developing collaborative project between museums, hiking clubs and local associations

With support from the Nordea Foundation, the Dansk Vandrelaug, the National Museum and the Danish Museum of Natural History will, in an interdisciplinary collaboration, open up the landscape for historically interested and hiking participants by conveying Denmark's historical development and unfolding the traces of the lives they lived.
The tours will convey natural history, cultural history and art history out in nature. The project will focus on communities, diversity and cohesion, and Historical Walks is a focus area throughout 2023

The Historical Walks are developed in close cooperation between the Dansk Vandrelaug's tour leaders and employees of local museums in small partnerships. Likewise, other local associations and actors with a historical interest can come into play in the development of the historical walks.
The project helps to increase the local anchoring, strengthen the participants' affiliation with local museums and hiking clubs and provide hiking communities for the Danes

Up to 1.000 Historical Walks will be developed in 2023 spread across the country, with 45 of them (the so-called F-tours) receiving special attention and professional historical weight. And all the F tours will be available to the public also after 2023, when the project ends. 

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