Cultural heritage and management

We take care of the cultural heritage

As a cultural history museum for Lolland and Falster, it is Museum Lolland-Falster's task to take care of the islands' cultural heritage. The cultural heritage consists of all the traces that people have left behind - from ancient times to the present day.

The cultural heritage can be physical (eg objects, ancient monuments, buildings and cultural environments), but also intangible (eg traditions, expressions and habits).

Here you can read more about how the museum fits our common physical cultural heritage and how you can help.

The physical cultural heritage

As a state-recognized museum, Museum Lolland-Falster must take care of the physical cultural heritage and the stories it tells about our common past.
We do this in collaboration with public authorities and institutions as well as private companies and individuals.

Here you can read more about what to do if you

  • must carry out building and construction work (guide for builders on archaeological investigations)
  • need to remodel or demolish your house
  • have objects for the museum
  • goes with metal detector


Or want to know more about:

  • protected ancient monuments
  • cultural heritage areas
  • protected earth and rock dikes
  • listed and listed buildings
  • cultural environments
  • tombstones
  • Danish cattle


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