Buildings worthy of preservation

Protected and worthy of preservation buildings

Many citizens live in a house or area with special craft, architectural or cultural-historical conservation values, which are an important part of the local and national cultural heritage. Therefore, some buildings are listed, while others are designated as worthy of preservation.   

Museum Lolland-Falster works with The Palaces and Culture Agency as well as Lolland and Guldborgsund municipalities to ensure that these buildings are preserved as well as possible for posterity.   

In the Palaces and Culture Agency register of listed and listed buildings you can find information about all listed and most listed buildings.   

Toldbodkaj, Nakskov
Ejegod Mølle, Nykøbing F

Protected buildings

The Palaces and Culture Agency is responsible for designating and registering listed buildings.   

Protected buildings are listed both inside and out. This means that you may not change on or in the building without permission from the Palaces and Culture Agency. You can read more about the rules that apply to listed houses here .  

Buildings worthy of preservation

The municipality may designate buildings as worthy of preservation in the municipal plan or in a local plan. The Palaces and Culture Agency can also designate buildings worthy of preservation. However, it is always the municipality that is responsible for the buildings worthy of preservation, even if they are designated by the Palaces and Culture Agency.  

When a building is worthy of preservation, only the exterior of the building, such as facades, windows, doors, roofs, twigs and chimneys, is known to be worthy of preservation. If your building has been designated as worthy of preservation, this means, among other things, that you must apply for a permit from the municipality if you want to make major changes to or demolish the building. In some cases, the construction case must also be in public consultation for 4-6 weeks before permission or rejection of your application can be granted.   

Halsted Blacksmith residence
Tågerup Polakkaserne


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