About the museum

About Museum Lolland-Falster

Museum Lolland-Falster was formed in 2009/10 by a merger of Lolland-Falster Stiftsmuseum Guldborgsund Museum and Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup.

The museum's administration is located in Nykøbing Falster.

The museum includes collections / exhibitions in:

Museum Obscurum in Nykøbing Falster
The Diocesan Museum in Maribo
The Old Houses in Maribo
Reventlow Museum Pederstrup in Horslunde

In addition:

Den Gamle Købmandshandel in Nykøbing Falster
The tourist information in Nykøbing Falster
Falster's Regional History Archive in Nykøbing Falster
The monastery ruins in Maribo

The museum's area of ​​responsibility covers the former Lolland-Falster Diocesan Museum and Guldborgsund Museum's areas and thus covers the whole of Lolland and Falster.


Board of Directors

Museum Lolland-Falster's board

Museum Lolland-Falsters The board, cf. the museum's articles of association, consists of November 27, 2017 af syv board members, of which to municipally appointed (one member frGuldborgsund and Lolland, respectively municipalities) and an employee-elected memberthree: members elected of a selection panel on the basis of relevant competencies and a member elected by the board to supplement competencies: 


Michael Fagerlund, Chairman, provost for Falster provost (designated of selection panel, inndsigt i finance, law and public management) 

Contact information: mfa@km.dk 

Steffen Rasmussen, Vice-President, politicians (appointed by Lolland Municipality)  

Jens Erik Boesen, politician (appointed by Guldborgsund Municipality) 

Bjørnar Måge, museum inspector (appointed by the museum staff)  

Kirsten Danving, upper secondary school principal Nykøbing F., (appointed by election panel, insight into public management, the world of education)  

Mette Rix, strategic communications consultant, landowner and food producer (appointed by election panel, insight into communication and marketing)  

Flemming Jørgensen, eCommercial Branch Director Nordea (appointed by the rest of the board, insight into finances, sales and financing) 



The Board of Directors holds four ordinary Board meetings annually. As a rulen in March, June, September and November.
The meetings are scheduled for one calendar year 
ad hallway. 

Organization plan

Organization plan

Key figures and statistics

The museum's reports to  Danish museums in numbers (The Danish Agency for Culture's statistical annual reports for state-recognized museums)

Union representatives

The union representatives work for the community, and are the link between employees and management. They represent the professional organizations in the workplace, and ensure that the agreements and arrangements are complied with.

The union representatives work to:

  • Promote a good and calm working environment
  • Ensure that the agreement and agreements are complied with
  • Align and represent colleagues' interests with management
  • Be involved in the company's development, including through participation in collaboration committees


Museum Lolland-Falster has two union representatives, who represent 3F and the Danish Master's Association, respectively. In addition, the museum has a spokesman for members of HK.

If you have any questions for Museum Lolland-Falster's shop stewards or the spokesperson, please feel free to contact them.


Union Representative, 3F

Currently no union representative


Union representative, DM

Rasmus Thorup Kildegaard

5121 2513



Spokesman, HK

Peter Wilcken Hacke

5121 2977