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June 6

School ship oh high!

Museum Lolland-Falster has lots of activities during Skoleskibet Danmark's visit to Nakskov

When the Skoleskibet Danmark calls at Nakskov on 21 – 24 June, Museum Lolland-Falster will be ready at the harbor with activities for the whole family, who can build a ship and launch it, learn to swear like a sailor, get a tattoo and much more.

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Skoleskibet Danmark, photo: State Library of Victoria, Wikimedia.

June 6

For dinner at the farmer's house

Get a unique taste experience at Maribo's open-air museum De Gamle Huse on 7 July when we taste the old regional dishes

Museum Lolland-Falster invites you to dinner at the Falster farm. Here we bring the everyday life of the 1800th century to life, and through a unique, historical taste experience with associated stories, you get a very special museum experience.

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Both guests and the feathered residents enjoyed the dishes when we held the event in 2022. Photo Ingrid Riis Hovgaard.

The food is prepared at the museum, and it is possible to follow the work. Photo Ingrid Riis Hovgaard.

June 2

Historic sewing day

Visit the Reventlow Museum on 21 June and experience the old sewing techniques

In the 17th and 1800th centuries, the clothing of the nobility was not a commodity! It required a skilled seamstress, as each piece of clothing was almost a small work of art in itself. Fine details, beautiful embroideries and tens of thousands of perfectly hand-stitched stitches.

This day you can get up close to this work, when Countess Reventlow's dressmaker takes over Pederstrup, and suits are being sewn and displayed in the stately living rooms.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

31 May 2023

Me and my city

New exhibition for the little ones opens at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo on 13 June

In the exhibition Me and my city at the Stiftsmuseet, the little ones can explore a city that could be their own.

The exhibition puts the senses to the test and there is plenty of opportunity to explore the fun universe that has been built around the city. In connection with the exhibition, Museum Lolland-Falster offers educational courses for the area's kindergartens, which can take place both in the exhibition itself, but also outside the urban space, both in Maribo and in another city. If it is something that could be of interest, the museum can be contacted for further information.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster


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