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12 May 2022


A new special exhibition about life on the coast can be experienced at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo from 27 May

When living on an island, the sea is never far away. It is part of geography as well as psychology. At all times, the sea has been important to us, and in virtually all stories about Lolland, the sea plays an important role - as a livelihood and resource, as a lifeline.

The exhibition HAV is a separate exhibition about life on the coast and the sea's influence on humans throughout history, but can also be seen as an extension of the exhibition LOLA, which also lived in the coastal area on Lolland's south coast.

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The exhibition HAV opens at the Diocesan Museum on 27 May 2022

Fishing rush from the museum's collection of fishing gear. The intoxication will of course be part of the new exhibition HAV.

10 May 2022

For dinner at Falsterbonden

The food culture project EGN and Museum Lolland-Falster invites you to a culinary experience at Maribo's open-air museum De Gamle Huse on 18 June

In the best EGN way, we are going on a sensual journey of remembrance through the village's many social strata, when we invite to dinner with Falsterbonden, one of the important citizens of the rural community. Along the way, we offer a wide range of exciting dishes when we eat with the falster farmer, the school teacher, the farm worker, the miller and the chaplain.

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From the EGN event at the open-air museum in 2021.
Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

9 May 2022

Sundfarten converts on Guldborgsund with guided boat trips

From 1 July until 31 August, a new healthy cruise will take place on guided tours of Guldborgsund. Thus, a great desire for new tourist experiences comes true.

This summer, tourists and citizens can experience Nykøbing Falster from the sea side. They can hear about Guldborgsund's beautiful nature and Nykøbing's long history conveyed by nature guides and museum people, while they sail up and down the sound at a leisurely pace.

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The good ship Guldborgsund is currently at the shipyard to get ready for this summer's cruises. Photo Allan Henning Hansen.