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30. November 2022

Occult letter sent to Museum Obscurum from USA

Museum Obscurum has received a letter with occult content from an anonymous sender in the USA. This may be related to the fact that the museum has made it onto the international list of museums with monsters.

An anonymous letter posted in Detroit, USA, with the Museum Obscurum's address on it, landed in the museum's mailbox. It is not the first time that mysterious letters have been sent to the Museum Obscurum. Someone has previously sent satanic letters to the museum on behalf of an alleged satanic cult, but the newly arrived letter has a completely different character.

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Leif Plith Lauritsen with the anonymous letter from America. Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster.

24. November 2022

Terrific season at the outdoor museum

13.048 guests in 2022 meant a large increase in visitor numbers for De Gamle Huse

When autumn really sets in, it means that De Gamle Huse in Maribo closes for the season. Textiles are packed away, furniture is secured against the winter's moisture, and the visitor numbers are tallied.

This year, 13.048 guests have visited our open-air museum, and that is more than fantastic. 

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For dinner at the falster farm, photo: Ingrid Riis

Craftsman Day 2022, photo: Ingrid Riis

17. November 2022

Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room opens in the Czar's House

On the first of December, Alka-Lea Margerison, who is the new tenant of Czarens Hus, will open Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room. It is an old-fashioned English tea room created according to classic British traditions.

A small piece of Great Britain opens in Nykøbing Falster when Alka-Lea Margerison opens Higgledy Piggledy's Vintage Tea Room in Czarens Hus on the first of December.

Here is everything the heart desires from tea, scones and English pastries made according to classic traditions that go all the way back to Victorian England 150 years ago.

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Alka-Lea Margerison, private photo

15. November 2022

The Kulturmindeforeningen's Christmas event

On 29 November, the Kulturmindeforeningen Nykøbing invites F. to a concert with the vocal ensemble Voci Fluenti

Christmas is the time of traditions, and again this year, of course, this means that the Kulturmindeforeningen Nykøbing F. holds its annual Christmas event filled with a cozy atmosphere and, not least, good music.

Again this year, at the Kulturmindeforeningen's Christmas event, you can meet the group Voci Fluenti, who sing into Christmas with beautiful songs and hymns. Voci Fluenti is a vocal ensemble, consisting of 10 singers from Lolland-Falster, associated with Sakskøbing Church.

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Voci Fluenti, Photo: Flemming Chr. Hansen

14. November 2022

Baskets, balls, birds, flags, up and down and front and back...

Visit the city's nicest Christmas shop in Langgade and get something new for the Christmas room

In just a little while, the big countdown to a handful of days filled with red hats, glitter-dusted balls, the smell of fir, traditions and fun in the presence of friends and family will begin. But in order to build up the right atmosphere, preparations are slowly starting to pick up speed across the country. Not least right in the middle of Nykøbing, where the museum has dedicated an entire shop to be filled with Christmas, Christmas and more Christmas, which can help make December a little more Christmassy.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

10. November 2022

Christmas at the Pederstrup manor

Don't miss Lolland-Falster's most atmospheric Christmas event on the first Advent weekend

Again this year, Reventlow-Museet Pederstrup opens its doors to an atmospheric Christmas experience on the first Advent weekend. Here, the Christmas-decorated manor house will shine with candlelight in the November darkness and be filled with scents, stories and, not least, Christmas cheer.

This weekend we give it gas with communication for all the senses. We have decorated as in the 1800s in the fine living rooms of the manor, there are Christmas stories by the museum inspector, and you can make old-fashioned Christmas decorations. Or you can follow the delicious scent to the manor kitchen in the basement, where the maid of the house has lit the wood stove and thrown herself into exciting recipes.

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Photos: Museum Lolland-Falster