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13. March 2024

Owls in the Museum Obscurum

Meet a real owl on 26 March

If you are out at twilight or night time, you may be lucky enough to hear or perhaps see one of our large winged night hunters looking for an evening snack.

But on the Tuesday of Easter week, you don't need luck to get really close to a real owl if you visit the Museum Obscurum.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

12. March 2024

Annual pass for the first 25

Redeem your entrance ticket at Museum Lolland-Falster and acquire an annual pass

If you visit the Museum Obscurum, the Diocesan Museum in Maribo or the open-air museum De Gamle Huse on Monday during Easter week, you can become the lucky owner of an annual ticket to Museum Lolland-Falster. The situation is that the first 25 adults who redeem an entrance ticket to one of the three locations will receive an annual ticket with a companion.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

8. March 2024

Easter activities at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo

Fun and cozy family activities

Outside there are many things that are waking up after the long and dark days of winter. Many yearn to get outside, for some sun and the desire to start spring with its happy colors. There is an opportunity to get ahead of the joys of spring and surround yourself with happy colors if you visit the Stiftsmuseet in the days leading up to Easter.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

7. March 2024

Historical walk in Gedesby

Dansk Vandrelaug and Museum Lolland-Falster invite you to a walking tour in Gedesby with a focus on the storm surge of 1872

A little more than 150 years ago, Lolland-Falster was hit by a storm surge that had fatal consequences for the population group that lived at, among other things, Falster's coast. But what really happened on that stormy November day in 1872? You can find out that and much more if you join the Dansk Vandrelaug and Museum Lolland-Falster's landscape walk in Gedesby on Friday 22 March 2024.

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Photo: The Society of Sciences

4. March 2024

Beard and eggs at Easter

Fun Easter traditions with cozy and fun family activities at the outdoor museum in Maribo

In the 'old days', holidays and special anniversaries were associated with many traditions, which could add some color to the busy everyday life.

We have found some of the activities that the rural population undertook in the days around Easter, and we naturally want to share the glory with everyone who follows the old traditions and takes time off work in connection with Easter.

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Photos: Museum Lolland-Falster


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