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June 10

STORM - a celebration of the Storm Flood anniversary

From 25 June, you can visit the experience room STORM at Maribo's open-air museum De Gamle Huse

Step back 150 years in time and experience the days around Stormfloden 1872 up close, from the storm of the storm to the silence after. Visit houses where the icy waters flooded in and have just retreated. Listen to people who experienced the storm surge on their own body. See how the dramatic disaster set in motion a nationwide relief effort and became the beginning of something new.

The dissemination of Stormfloden 1872 takes place in two of the open-air museum's houses, where light, sound and authentic stories will set in motion the entire emotional register.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

June 8

Nykøbing's Middle Ages

Come with Museum Lolland-Falster on a city walk in Nykøbing F. twice during the summer holidays on 28 June and 21 July.

Join an exciting city walk in the sign of the Middle Ages, when Signe Fog Mogensen, a medieval archaeologist at Museum Lolland-Falsters, shows around the old market town.

The tour goes from the king's castle in the north to the town's gathering point on the square and ends at the church and monastery in the south. So make sure you have good footwear - there is a lot to see!

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

June 6

Museum ready with annual report on edible communication and an old stove

A new edible communication concept and food culture formation, a new story about Pederstrup, a renovated old stove and the human world set the agenda in 2021 at Museum Lolland-Falster.

In the annual report, you will learn more about the museum's edible dissemination concept. It involves inviting to historic dinners with the Stone Age girl Lola, the statesman CDF Reventlow and other famous historical figures from Lolland-Falster. This is done under the auspices of the EGN Lolland-Falster project, which is supported by the Nordea Foundation. Here, guests meet dishes that Lola could serve in the Stone Age, and a time-typical dinner with the Reventlow family at the manor Pederstrup.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

June 2

Trip to the Viking Age

Come with Museum Lolland-Falster on a landscape trip to the Fribrødre site on 30 June

The trip goes over private fields to the unique site south of Stubbekøbing, where in the 1980s ship parts were excavated, originating from a gathering place for a larger fleet, which was an important piece in the power struggles in the Baltic in the early Middle Ages. The protected site is located at the mouth of Fribrødre Ås in the now dammed fjord south of Stubbekøbing.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster

24 May 2022

Twilight walks in Halskov Vænge

Visit the ancient memory forest Halskov Vænge with a guide three times over the summer

Museum Lolland-Falster invites to three guided evening tours in Halskov Vænge over the summer. Here, Marie Brinch, archaeologist at Museum Lolland-Falster, will talk about the forest's many ancient monuments and not least the many rituals that have been associated with the large grave monuments.

Along the way, she tells about the mysterious stone tombs, about death in the Stone Age and not least the eerie death rituals that were associated with the tombs. It thus becomes an evening where violence, murder and superstition become the theme.

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Photo: Museum Lolland-Falster