School internship

Do you want an internship as an archaeologist?

At Museum Lolland-Falster, our archaeologists are always doing excavations. Maybe you can see us out in the countryside as we go after the excavators. First, we make search ditches to get an overview of what the soil is hiding on. If we find traces of buildings such as post holes, we prepare for an actual excavation.

Lots of finds emerge. In some places we can see how our ancestors built more and larger fortifications and houses than we thought. But why and for what purposes? These are the kinds of mysteries that archaeologists are helping to answer.

If you go to 8th or 9th grade on Lolland or Falster, you have the opportunity to get an internship and help dig out the traces of early Danish history. Next available times will be announced on the website and Facebook.

You must be ready to stop every morning at one of our field stations. From here you get an introduction to the museum's work, drive with the archaeologists in the field and help when we convey cultural heritage to school children. In short, you get a broad and thorough introduction to the work as an archaeologist.

You need to have a large packed lunch and lots of curiosity with. You can borrow work clothes from us, but you must take care of the safety shoes yourself. There are a limited number of places, so if you are interested, keep an eye on our website and on Facebook about when we offer internships.

For questions contact
Dissemination inspector
Rasmus Thorup Kildegaard