For schools and institutions

Practical information

Institutions and schools enter the museum free of charge. This also applies to the teachers and educators who accompany classes for teaching purposes, and groups of children in association to institutions.

At the Reventlow Museum Pederstrup, the Old Houses and the Diocesan Museum in Maribo, it is possible to enjoy your packed lunches on site. However, due to limited space options, this must be agreed with the museum in advance.

At the Museum Obscurum Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring packed lunches.

You are welcome to enjoy your packed lunches the museum. It is possible to sit both inside and out. However, there are not quite the same space options at all our exhibition venues, which is why it must be agreed with the museum in advance if you want to sit inside. Unfortunately, there is not this option in the Museum Obscurum.

You are welcome to visit the museum outside normal opening hours. Contact the museum and make an appointment. 

if you have further questions. Or call: 54 84 44 00.

Se The school service for more info about our teaching offers 

Writing workshop in Museum Obscurum

Before and after the visit

We have developed various dissemination films, which you are welcome to use for educational purposes or as a preparation for your visit to the museum. The films dive into everyday topics that are related to the present and can thus help to provide an understanding of, what you should / have experienced the museum 

Communication films from THE OLD HOUSES on YouTube




Educational material

At Museum Lolland-Falster, we are constantly developing new teaching materials. You can see more about them here on the page.

Children visiting for education

The Culture Backpack

An offer for all 3rd graders on Lolland and Falster.

Read about the formation backpack here

Taste of the Stone Age

Visit the Stone Age girl Lola at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo. Here you are introduced to life in the Stone Age, the switch between living as a hunter and farmer, and what it really was that you ate at the time. After the visit, you will throw yourself into exciting Stone Age dishes in your own home economics kitchens.

Read more about the course here

OWN teaching course

with the EGN project and Museum Lolland-Falster

Offers for the intermediate level and the schooling classes.
We would like to invite you, as a school class, to experience
Lolland-Falster's local food culture history through a
hands-on experience around food and taste!

Table with food on and many happy children and adults