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Come to school in the old days, where you can learn about life in Denmark in the 1800s, play with Lola – the girl from the Stone Age, who is about life in ancient times, or throw yourself into the creepy True Detective Club, where you have to work with faith and superstition through time. At Museum Lolland-Falster we have education courses for everyone. And it's 100% free!

At the Frilandsmuseet, you have to dress up like old-fashioned schoolchildren. The boys must wear shirts and top hats, and the girls must wear aprons and scarves. Then you have to go straight into the old school and try an old-fashioned school lesson. Then it's time to play and visit the museum's other houses.

In the teaching material, you can work with life in Denmark in the 1800s. Through a playful and role-based approach to history, students can put their own school day into perspective and physically see the difference between the old-fashioned school and their own classroom.

Children in old-fashioned clothes experiencing a school day in the old school at the open-air museum in Maribo

School in the old days

Target group: Primary school
Grade level: 0.-5. class

Open-Air Museum The Old Houses, Maribo

Download the teaching material for School in the old days here

At the station in Maribo is the Stiftsmuseet. Here you can visit the girl Lola and discover the fairytale world she lived in: nature! Lola and her family lived in and with nature, so the exhibition is also built as a journey through the world as it might have looked in Lola's time.

The teaching material introduces the Stone Age by focusing on how the students' everyday life is different from the world Lola lived in. When you arrive, you can either walk around on your own, or you can read the signs on the wooden boards together: It is Lola's "own" voice that narrates.

Children looking at objects in the exhibition Lola at the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo

Lola – the girl from the Stone Age

Target group: Primary school
Grade level: 3.-6. class

The Diocesan Museum, Maribo

Download the teaching material for The girl from the Stone Age here

For the brave there is the Museum Obscurum. Our brand new True Detective Club imaginatively puts the beliefs and superstitions of the past into a contemporary context of fake news and facts. With inspiration from the true crime genre, the students must delve into the occult and work with source criticism.

Fake news today carries some reminders of sorcery rumors and accusations in the past. There are powers in the world that want to destabilize our society through the spread of fake news. With True Detective Club you get a different and exciting way of working with source criticism.

Werewolf in the exhibition in the Museum Obscurum

True Detective Club

Target group: Primary school
Grade level: 5.-7. class

Museum Obscurum, Nykøbing F.

Download the teaching material for True Detective Club here

This course is an extended version of True Detective Club. Here the students must work to a greater extent with perspectives on what the occult served for purposes in e.g. medieval Denmark, and how we can see similar trends today.

This course is aimed at the oldest students. We suggest that you work with the questions on our website under "Teaching" before you visit the exhibition. 

Falster's last witch, Anne Palles

True Detective Club Elite

Target group: Primary school
Grade level: 8.-10. class

Museum Obscurum, Nykøbing F.


In 1872, a storm surge hit Lolland-Falster, with catastrophic consequences. Between 80 and 90 people died and many were subsequently left without a house or home. Get close to the worst natural disaster in recent times and experience the storm surge up close.

Read more about the course here:

Graphics with illustration of the storm surge

When nature strikes

Target group: Primary school
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.
Area of ​​competence:
History - Source work, History - Chronology and context, Social sciences - Social and cultural issues
Danish, History, Nature / technology, Social studies

Download the teaching material for When nature strikes here

Make your own bonfire and meet the girl from the Stone Age Lola at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo. You can combine as you see fit.

First you can watch the introductory film and talk about the Stone Age.
Next, you can visit the Stone Age girl Lola at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo. It is an atmospheric exhibition about the girl Lola, where the wind whistles in the treetops and the waves hit the shore. See the beautiful objects, or shudder over the dog skulls. After the visit, you can indulge in exciting Stone Age dishes in your own home economics kitchens.  

Taste of the Stone Age

Watch videos about making a bonfire and stone age food over a bonfire. Remember and call and book an appointment for your museum visit!

Read more about Taste of the Stone Age here

Download the teaching material for Taste the Stone Age here

The Culture Backpack

Where do you get your freedom from?

At the far end of Lolland lies the Pederstrup manor. Christian Reventlow lived here. One of Denmark's richest gentlemen, who over 200 years ago fought for the freedom you have today. A freedom that ended the power of the lords.

Read more about the process here

Illustration for the educational backpack about freedom. Detail of Christen Dalsgaard's picture from Hirschprung's collection: I wonder if he should come


Target group: Primary school
Grade level: 7.
Learning areas: freedom, slave trade, gender & sexuality, democracy, constitution, education
Subjects: Danish, history, social studies
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Transport: contact the Cultural Service

Find the teaching material here

Practical information

Institutions and schools enter the museum free of charge. This also applies to the teachers and pedagogues who accompany classes for teaching purposes, and groups of children associated with institutions.

At the Reventlow Museum in Pederstrup, De Gamle Huse and the Stiftsmuseet in Maribo, you can enjoy your packed lunch on the spot. However, due to limited space options, this must be agreed with the museum in advance.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring packed lunches at the Museum Obscurum.

You are welcome to enjoy your packed lunch at the museum. It is possible to sit both inside and outside. However, there are not exactly the same seating options at all our exhibition locations, which is why it must be agreed with the museum in advance if you want to sit inside. Unfortunately, this option is not available in Museum Obscurum.

You are welcome to visit the museum outside normal opening hours. Contact the museum and make an appointment.

if you have any further questions.  

Se The school service for more information about our educational offer. 

Writing workshop in Museum Obscurum

Before and after the visit

We have developed various informative films, which you are welcome to use for educational purposes or as preparation for your visit to the museum. The films delve into everyday topics that are relatable to the present and can thus help to give an understanding of what you will/have experienced at the museum

Communication films from THE OLD HOUSES on YouTube


Note: Danish only