Taste of the Stone Age

From hunter to farmer - the Stone Age

Visit the Stone Age girl Lola at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo. Here you are introduced to life in the Stone Age, the shift between living as a hunter and farmer, and what it really was that you ate at the time. After the visit, you can indulge in exciting Stone Age dishes in your own home economics kitchens. 

First you have to visit the atmospheric exhibition about the Stone Age girl Lola at the Diocesan Museum in Maribo. Here you get a different museum experience, where the wind whistles in the treetops and the waves hit the coast. See the beautiful objects, or shudder over the dog skulls. It is all told based on Lola, the girl from the Stone Age, whose intact DNA has given us a unique insight into the past.
Next, you have the opportunity to dive into the world of the Stone Age at home in class with our teaching material and YouTube video, which focuses on food and the transition to agriculture. In addition, you can try your hand at Stone Age cooking and taste the Stone Age at home at school.

In this way, the students get a both exciting and sensuous introduction to perhaps the greatest revolution in the history of mankind: agriculture. Both the course and the exhibition are made by the same archaeologists who have made the unique finds on Lolland, which form the research basis for the entire course. There is a high professional quality behind the development of this course.

• Museum visit: Meet the Stone Age girl Lola (Maribo Diocesan Museum, 1 hour on your own)
• Teaching material and film (1 hour in own class)  The teaching material is here.
• Information for your theme day about Stone Age food over a campfire.

NOTE: You run the course yourself and can control when you do what, just as you also decide whether you want to use all or some of the course parts.

Remember: Book an appointment for the museum visit. Even if you go yourself, we want to know that you are coming. 

From hunter to farmer - the Stone Age

Intro movie

Make a bonfire

Stone Age food