The Christmas shop opens on November 1

The Christmas shop in Langgade 2 is where the real Christmas magic unfolds. The store exudes nostalgia, and the Christmas decorations take you back to a time when Christmas evenings were filled with anticipation and joy. Christmas baubles, lametta, peddlers' houses, beautiful glass ornaments from Brink Nordic and elves adorn the shelves and bring back memories of Christmas days gone by. Glitter and shine are everywhere and give the store a sense of adventure. The Christmas decorations, the local foods, angels and Bramming elves create a unique atmosphere that embraces everyone who enters the store.

Local foods are a cornerstone of the store's range. Hasselø Honey and Krenkerup Beer bring the taste of the South Falster landscape into the Christmas season. Møn Christmas cookies evoke memories of childhood Christmas sweets, and Boline Chocolate is made for the sweet Christmas tooth. Pabst Yulesmåkager and Fejø's treasure chest of cider, jam, mulled wine, gastic, syrup and must create a tasty Christmas with local roots.

This Christmas shop is more than just a place to buy Christmas gifts, calendar gifts or hostess gifts. It is a portal to a time when the Christmas spirit was filled with simplicity, warmth and local pride. So visit the Christmas Shop and let this treasure trove of nostalgia, local treasures and Christmas magic enchant your Christmas this year. Welcome to the most heartwarming Christmas universe.

Opening hours:

From 1 November to 11 November

Tuesday to Friday from 10 – 16

Saturday from 10 – 15

Sunday – Monday: Closed


From 14 November to 23 December

Tuesday to Friday from 11 – 17

Saturday from 10 – 15

Sunday – Monday: Closed

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