Country wedding – Feeling or sense? 

Visit the farm, where wedding preparations have been made. Widower and farm owner Niels is to marry Ane, and they mark the day with everything a farmer's wedding can pull. The whole village is invited and no expense has been spared. There is good food, fiddler music and, not least, plenty of beer and brandy.

But what was it really like to enter into a marriage in the 1800th century? Was there space and time for feelings, romance and love, or did you get married for completely different and more practical reasons? In this year's special exhibition, we focus on the glories and, not least, necessities of marriage among the farming population of Lolland-Falster and which strong traditions were associated with it.

See more about the exhibition , which can be experienced at the open-air museum De Gamle Huse from 1 May – 29 September and weeks 42 and 43.

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Note: Danish only