What do you believe in?

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museum obscurum in Nykøbing falster

an exhibition On the border with reality


Werewolf, 15 years old

Come on an adventure in the secret collection

At MUSEUM OBSCURUM in Nykøbing Falster you can experience the collector Cornelius SC Rödders  many creepy and curious finds from all over the world. Here you get the opportunity to explore the "secret" cryptozoological collection. Where you can see creatures you've only dreamed of! What is fantasy or reality - only you know!

Be critical! What do you believe in?
In Cornelius' home in the MUSEUM OBSCURUM, past and present beliefs and superstitions meet. Let yourself be enchanted by stories, mythical animals and fantastic tales. But be critical, because who decides what is faith or superstition? Therefore, you must ask yourself: What do I believe in? So that you don't leave our museum in Nykøbing Falster uninformed, we'll be happy to help you along the way; seek and you shall find – with the sun and the moon as compass.

Found by Cornelius' Occult Museum
During a renovation of our museum in 2017, our employees found an unknown room with a special collection. In old boxes we found unknown creatures and records of a collection that Cornelius had kept secret from the public.

What does obscurum mean?
Obscurum comes from the Latin word obscura and can mean darkness, the unknown and shadowy. That is why Cornelius also used MUSEUM OBSCURUM for his exhibition. You can experience it at our museum in Nykøbing Falster.

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