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At MUSEUM LOLLAND-FALSTER, we work with dissemination in many different areas to make a visit to us a holistic experience. Throughout the season, we therefore collaborate with a wide range of volunteers and experts, each of whom has an expertise that professionalism, years of experience and passion have helped to create. Something you can not just acquire. Therefore, these collaborations are indispensable for the museum. 

It is possible to become a volunteer at the museum's four exhibition venues, where communication and audience contact are paramount. However, the voluntary work can also take place behind the walls, where we, among other things. works with the museum's large collection of objects, archives and images.

If you would like to be part of MUSEUM LOLLAND-FALSTER's volunteer corps, you can contact and hear more.

Event volunteers

Throughout the season, MUSEUM OBSCURUM holds a wide range of activities,
where volunteers mediate or help with various practical chores. 

If you are passionate about dressing up and staging, please contact us at:


Note: Danish only