Cornelius SC Rödder

A collector with a sense of mystery

Cornelius SC Rödder was a passionate collector, explorer and merchant from Nykøbing Falster. As was common in the 1800th century, Cornelius' collection started as a curiosity cabinet. Curiosities cabinets or art chambers were private collections of often rare, strange or quirky objects, both natural and man-made.

It could be anything from religious relics, antiques and souvenirs from foreign lands to strange creatures and obscure hunting weapons. Cornelius' collection contains astonishingly many strange and interesting creatures that we know existed or still exist today, such as the platypus, the puffer fish and the saber tiger.
But the collections also contained more gloomy objects, such as skeletal parts from executed persons, mummified animals or humans, werewolf teeth, fairy blood and the like.

Is anyone here?

Cornelius had a great interest in the occult and spiritualism. He sought contact with the spirit world through reading tarot cards and breathing.

Cornelius was an adventurer and collector with a beautiful curiosity cabinet and many strange and exciting objects from foreign lands.


Note: Danish only