About the place

The dangerous, the mysterious, the inexplicable

The dangerous, the mysterious and the inexplicable draw us in and pique our curiosity. It was also curiosity that drove us that day in the summer of 2017, when we found a hidden and forgotten door during a renovation of the museum in Færgestræde.

Inside the door we found transport boxes and cupboards filled with items. The items came from a former owner of the house, Cornelius SC Rödder, who was a passionate collector, explorer and merchant.

Cornelius' collection was both astonishing, unique, strange and frankly a little scary.

At the museum, we have tried to recreate Cornelius' home using diaries, records and scribbles from the main character himself. Enter the museum and see if you can find Cornelius' secret collection, the darker and more gloomy part of his curiosity cabinet. Be enchanted by the enigmatic objects that have been found behind the hidden door, and meet the ridiculously stuffed animals like the puffer fish and the platypus as well as not to forget the werewolf and the little dragon.

Living room with chandelier


Note: Danish only