New presentation at Museum Obscurum

Over the summer of 2022, Museum Obscurum has been given an overhaul: new texts have been added to all the rooms - and then a surprise has been added, which will only be revealed in the last room of the exhibition.

"Museum Obscurum opened in 2017, and although we - and our guests - have been really happy with the exhibition, the time had also come for a bit of renewal," says museum inspector Marie Brinch, who is one of the people behind Museum Obscurum.

"We want to challenge our audience - and maybe provoke them a little," continues Marie Brinch. "We want to tickle people's rational and enlightened minds and cast doubt on what is reality and what is made up - and perhaps what is in between."

Did it succeed? Judge for yourself - you might be surprised!

Museum Obscurum is open throughout the autumn holidays - and remember that children under 18 have free entry.

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