New films: 10.000 years across the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea carries a shared cultural heritage, a shared history between people and nations, for better or for worse. For millennia, humans have lived around the Baltic Sea, first as hunters and gatherers, then as farmers, townspeople and traders. The Baltic Sea tied people together across borders as a thoroughfare and communication route for ideas. For 10.000 years, man has sailed the Baltic Sea and brought people around. Ships across borders have brought cattle, timber and luxury goods across the sea.

This common story about the Baltic Sea is the subject of five small bilingual films produced for a number of Danish and German museums and cultural heritage actors. Learn about the people of the Stone Age, the powerful kings and bishops of the Middle Ages, as well as manors and sugar production.

The films that can be seen here , is financed by funds from the European Fund for Regional Development.

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Note: Danish only