New experience room in THE OLD HOUSES: STORM

On June 24, 2022, the MUSEUM LOLLAND-FALSTER opens the experience room STORM in THE OLD HOUSES - Maribo.

STORM is an experience space where we captivatingly stage the authentic, human experiences of the Storm River 1872. Using light, sound and scenography, we give visitors a dramatic insight into how the storm flood was experienced by the people who were themselves affected by the water masses, what than they saved lives or lost everything.

STORM has been created with the support of:

Møenbogaardfonden and Nordea Fonden.


Throughout 2022, Museum Lolland-Falster marks the 150th anniversary of the Storm River 1872. With a number of events and initiatives, we focus on the Storm River; its prehistory and consequences; the traces it has left in the landscape and the human destinies that were affected by it. See more about the events and selection here.

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