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Klejner, cakes and stove talk
EGN and Museum Lolland-Falster invite you inside to a cozy Christmas room in Czarens Hus on Saturday 4 December  

Soon we step over the magical threshold that marks the start of a month filled with delicacies, wonderful scents, wonderful taste experiences, fun with family and friends and not least hours in the company of spices, flour, sugar and eggs to bake all the Christmas cakes.

This Saturday, the food culture project EGN focuses on Christmas baking, and especially the klejns come into play. We must of course taste the delicious baked goods, but before that the skewers must be twisted and boiled. And hopefully there are many who want to join - we also have to see if we can taste the difference between klejner cooked in the old-fashioned way in lard and klejner cooked in Palmin

The event takes place in Czarens Hus, which has served as a restaurant for centuries, and I wonder if over the years a cookie or two has been baked in the old house. We also talk about how fat cakes such as donuts, apple slices and pancakes went from being the primary Christmas cakes, to the oven-baked Christmas cakes such as vanilla wreaths, Jewish cakes and Finnish bread taking over that place. For what really set this process in motion?

The recipes that are baked after this Saturday come from Horslunde Bakery, which for many years has baked its old-fashioned klejner and Norwegian klejner after them. 


EGN is a food culture project, which is based on the food's ability to gather, support and strengthen the common connection, cohesion and pride based on Lolland-Falster's rich food culture. EGN is rooted in both history, present and future. 

EGN is for everyone! Read more about the project EGN - Lolland-Falster of www.egn-lollandfalster.dk. The project is supported by the Nordea Foundation. 

Unless otherwise stated, the event will be held in Danish.


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4. December 2021


11:00 - 15:00





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Note: Danish only