EGN event: Open Food Culture Laboratory

Lolland and Falster are famous for having good, fat soil. This theme day is about the area's rich agricultural history and about peas!
There is a lot of focus these days on the fact that in the future we will have to eat more legumes.
The New Dietary Guidelines recommend that we eat many more legumes and there is now also an annual Legumes Day on 10 February. But why should we eat more legumes? Is it really something new that we in Denmark have to eat legumes?
Peas are a classic Danish legume that most of us associate with sun and summer. Gnawing on the green peas that hide in the wavy pods is a bit like taking a bite of the Danish summer. Often the peas are easy to get hold of in the summer months, either in the supermarket or at the local farmer and we like to eat them fresh as snacks or in a classic granny salad.
Previously, however, it was the brown, gray or white peas that were the most common and their role in the kitchen was completely different from the fresh green summer peas. The peas were a very important stock crop, which was dried, stored and used at those times of the year when there was a shortage and scarcity in the pantry.
On Lolland and Falster we were in the 1600-1700s actually quite famous for our peas. So famous that a special variety was nicknamed Lolland Raisins and they were eaten diligently in this area.
To EGN's Open Food Laboratory, we therefore invite you inside for a cozy day, where we will taste and examine two of the old pea varieties that were previously grown and eaten in style on Lolland-Falster, and there will be the opportunity to make and taste pea hummus. and sea peas
Then stick your head past EGN's Food Culture Laboratory in Czarens Hus in Nykøbing F.
The event is suitable for both children and adults


EGN is a food culture project, which is based on the food's ability to gather, support and strengthen the common connection, cohesion and pride based on Lolland-Falster's rich food culture.

EGN is rooted in both history, present and future.

EGN is for everyone!

EGN Lolland-Falster is supported by the Nordea Foundation.


28 May 2022


11:00 - 15:00


The Tsar's House
Langgade 2, 4800 Nykøbing F.


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Note: Danish only