EGN event: For dinner at Reventlow


Get a museum experience out of the ordinary in distinguished company with the sheriff, when EGN Lolland-Falster and Museum Lolland-Falster invite you to an empire dinner at the manor Pederstrup.

Sit at the table in the beautiful living room with twinkling lights in the chandeliers and sparkling wine in the glasses when we invite inside for a dinner as it could have taken place at Pederstrup in the early 1800s.

The chefs from Den Grønne Verden at Søllestedgård have in collaboration with EGN developed a fabulous interpretation of the most delicious dishes of the empire era and take you on a culinary journey to the luxurious manor life in Reventlow's time. Based on the local ingredients from Søllestedgård's lush kitchen garden, the forest's game and the lakes' fish, the chefs have this evening been inspired by the cookbooks of the past.

We recreate Reventlow's world with servants in historical costumes and beautiful porcelain. During the dinner, museum inspector and manor house historian Louise Sebro will vividly link the evening's sensuous experience with stories about the life of the Reventlow couple, their many children and friends.

For the food, you can choose either a wine, beer or alcohol-free beverage menu - all composed especially for dinner with our local partners Frederiksdal Gods, Krenkerup Bryggeri, Østergaard Vinmageri and Hideaway Vingård.

CDF Reventlows menu:

First serving:

  • Soupe à la reine on chicken
  • Parsley fried poultry with gooseberry hollandaise
  • Pickled small cucumbers with crown fire
  • Pea puree with mint

Other serving:

  • Ragout on wood pigeons
  • Classic sauerkraut
  • Baked fish pie
  • Baked turnips
  • Green salad with edible flowers
  • Mustard vinaigrette
  • Masked cauliflower with nutmeg

Third serving:

  • Rosewater ice cream - like parfait
  • Almond pie
  • Lemonade on French acid and rhubarb
  • Slices of apples fried in beignet dough
  • Candied exotic fruit
  • Molded fruit jelly
  • Small bisquits
  • Pudding on vanilla with pistachio praline
  • The fresh fruit of the season


Convenient: The doors open a quarter of an hour before the start of the event.


The event is not suitable for children under 7 years.



EGN is a food culture project, which is based on the food's ability to gather, support and strengthen the common connection, cohesion and pride based on Lolland-Falster's rich food culture. EGN is rooted in both history, present and future.

EGN is for everyone!

The EGN project is supported by the Nordea Foundation.

This event is held in collaboration with Danske Maddestinationer which is supported by the Danish Business Promotion Agency.

Unless otherwise stated, the event will be held in Danish.


Children and adults
Dkr. 1495, -


17. September 2022


17:30 - 21:30





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Note: Danish only