Are you going on a trip with your class or living room? Or are you in need of a new and different angle in teaching? Then the REVENTLOW MUSEUM is ready to fulfill your wishes. We offer various types of tours, educational courses and children's birthday parties - and we tailor them to suit your exact needs.

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Practical information

Institutions and schools enter the REVENTLOW MUSEUM free of charge. This also applies to the teachers and pedagogues who accompany classes for teaching purposes, and groups of children associated with institutions.

You are welcome to enjoy your packed lunches in the area. It is only possible to sit outside.

You are welcome to visit the manor house outside normal opening hours. Contact the museum and make an appointment.

Contact us on:, if you have further questions. Or call tel. 54 84 44 00.

Living room at Pederstrup

You are always welcome to explore the REVENTLOW MUSEUM PEDERSTRUP on your own. However, we would encourage you to announce your arrival in advance so we can make sure there are not too many at the museum at a time.

During your visit you can walk around the place freely, and you are of course also welcome to eat packed lunches in the area.

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Note: Danish only