The children's pederstrup

Join us for Denmark's first children's birthday

In 1818, Eduard Reventlow turned 8, singing, shouting hurray, drinking chocolate and giving presents - just as you know it from your own birthdays.

When you buy a ticket, you can get a treasure hunt, which takes you around the house and in the park in Eduard's footsteps. Find his favorite places and find the secret password. Along the way, you can see his birthday table and hear about why it was good to be a child in his family. You can also try on clothes that Eduard and his siblings have worn, or try some of the games he played at Pederstrup.

We hold Eduard's birthday occasionally. Check the calendar here.

If you want to hold your own birthday in the Royal Hall at Pederstrup, then you can see more about children's birthday here.

Ordering can be done here:

Girl takes grapes on a platter
Eduard's Cake


Note: Danish only