Manor and landscape

Exhibition in the riding hall

Lolland is a manor land. When you move around the landscape, the forests, the canals, the large fields and the magnificent main and breeding buildings are significant in the landscape. But the manors are also driving forces in the development of agriculture, sustainability and innovation - and have always been.

In the exhibition Manor and Landscape Lolland is told about the role of the manors historically and today and about the traces that the manors have left in the landscape.

Based on 6 selected of the approximately 45 Lolland manors, you will meet individual stories about owners and buildings in the exhibition. It is the story of a stately life, of changing agricultural productions, of how it has succeeded in creating new life in old buildings.

The exhibition has been created in a collaboration between Lolland Municipality, Realdania and Museum Lolland-Falster during the partnership project THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES. 

The access conditions are supported by Bevica Funds.

The riding house at the Reventlow Museum pederstrup
The exhibition Manor and Landscape


Note: Danish only