The Sky Master from Sandby

Heavenly Master Award 2023

An extraordinary, really fun and imaginative, scientific inventor competition for all school students in 5th-9th grade. grade!

PRIZE FOR THE WHOLE CLASS: Sleep with the wild animals in Knuthenborg Safari Park

The Sky Master was an inventor who built incredible sky machines almost 100 years ago. He went around markets and showed his sky machines to children and taught them about the stars.

The Sky Master died in Sakskøbing in 1943, and this competition is dedicated to him, his creativity and all that crazy and quirky.

Now is your and your class' chance to take part in the national fantasy competition in extraordinary scientific inventions. For 5.-9. grade.

Build a machine! Maybe it can solve an important problem. Maybe it's just funny or weird or something completely third. Limited only by imagination. It's the crazy and crooked thing that gives us new perspectives on the world! The only requirement is that you build a machine that can do something.

On January 3, you will receive a greeting from the Master of Heaven. Here he will present the theme of the competition. And then you can begin your invention! No later than 1 May 2023 at At 12.00 you must upload a video (max. 3 minutes) that demonstrates your invention.

Finalists will be contacted and invited to the steam meeting 2023 at the Open-Air Museum on 4 June 2023. Registration no later than 1 Dec. 2022 to Museum Lolland-Falster (

May the craziest inventor win!

The exhibition

In the exhibition about the Heavenly Master, Museum Lolland-Falster presents, among other things, a fantastic mechanical sky machine and a unique biography written by the Heavenly Master himself. The exhibition tells about mental illness, poverty, emigration and inventiveness. It tells about the Master of Heaven.

The story of the Master of Heaven, as Hans August Larsen called himself, is a story about a man from small circumstances who emigrates in the late 1800th century and seeks happiness in the USA and Canada. It is a story about an inventor with an interest in the heavenly and connections to the spiritual and about a man who lived with mental illness. But it is also a story of a time when poverty and mental illness could mean lost rights and limited freedom.

The exhibition has been created in collaboration with Nakskov Local History Archive and can be seen during the REVENTLOW MUSEUM'S PEDERSTRUP's opening hours.

The Master of Heaven