special exhibition

she died in the arms of her beloved

On July 25, 1822, death came to PEDERSTRUP. That day, Frederikke Reventlow exhaled in her beloved husband's arms. A long life with great love and a happy family life with children and grandchildren was over. But it was also a life of grief over the three children who died young. A life where death and grief were constantly present.

Before the countess was buried at Horslunde Cemetery, she lay dead on the manor so the family could show her the last honor and say goodbye.

Experience PEDERSTRUP dressed in the empire's equipment for the grief of a countess. See the Reventlow family's coffin piece, the many meters of draped velvet and the artful flowers of tissue paper, which adorned the hearse.

Follow as the count's and countess's thoughts of grief and loss unfold in their letters, and explore the tale of death in the early 1800s.

At THE OLD HOUSES in Maribo you can experience the story of a funeral in the village.