Freshly roasted coffee beans and wood smoke

The smell of freshly roasted coffee beans and wood smoke spreads from the impressive manor stove in the old kitchen at Pederstrup. The stove came into being around 1860, when the grandson Ferdinand Reventlow remodeled CDF Reventlow's elegant empire building into a stunning castle in keeping with the fashion of the time. In the kitchen you step into the heart of the mansion. From here came heat and food. It was here that the hard-working servants had their daily walk.

Every week you can meet the cook girl who works at the stove where the fire crackles. Watch out for the calendar to see when. In the manor's kitchen, you can taste, smell and see the many special forms and utensils that were necessary for a magnificent stately household. Here you will meet the life of the Reventlow family in the manor's last heyday - when beet sugar and grain exports from Lolland made the landowners rich and the servants numerous.

Children in the kitchen at Pederstrup
Fish on the plate
Children with carrot


Note: Danish only