Visiting the family

When you walk in the door in the elegant main building at Pederstrup, it's like visiting the Count's Reventlow family 200 years ago.

At CDF Reventlow, his wife Frederikke and their 12 children, the story is told about a relaxed everyday life in the country, a modern view of children, and about love and friendship. Meet the cook, the maid or the count himself in historical costume, and hear about the count's visions that led to reforms of agriculture, forests and schools - and laid the foundation for modern Denmark.
A visit awakens the senses: Feel the scent of chocolate when you step into the birthday party for grandson Eduard. Meet the family on portraits created by famous artists such as Juel and Thorvaldsen. Explore the Count's drawer with the Order of the Elephant and the pocket watch, and lift the lid on the blue fluted terrine and see what it's hiding.

At the museum, we have recreated the spaces in the count's home based on old descriptions and with furniture, porcelain and personal belongings, which largely originate from the Reventlow family.

Family photo Reventlow


Note: Danish only