Reventlow Park

Open all year from sunrise to sunset

Lakes with circling reed hawks, old crooked trees with hundreds of years on the back, the tea house, the ice cellar and the large lawn with space for croquet and picnic. Reventlowparken is open XNUMX hours a day, all year round, and you can easily spend a whole day here in good weather. When the museum is open, you can buy ice cream and coffee or rent a croquet game.

The park is laid out in a romantic, English style in the middle of the 1800th century. But already the CDF and Frederikke Reventlow swarmed in the late 1700th century for nature, inspired by the French philosopher Rousseau.
The scenic surroundings were one of the reasons why Pederstrup was their favorite home on Lolland.

In summer you can see works of art from the artist group In Situ around the park. Throughout the year, you can run the orienteering race in the park, developed together with Maribo Orienteering Club. The card can downloaded here or picked up at the stand at the car park.

Dogs must be kept on a leash. Cycling and horse riding are not allowed.

The manor Pederstrup seen from the lake. Painting approx. 1820


Note: Danish only