Guided tours and offers

Guided tour

A guided tour of the REVENTLOW MUSEUM PEDERSTRUP with a guide in historical costume makes the experience something special. Hear about life in the house and about Reventlow's great visions and reforms - but also about his shadowy sides. Hear about the manor house's history and about women's life, children's life - and about what it was like to be a servant at Pederstrup. The guide always shows a special thing along the way and tells about furniture and paintings before the tour ends in the kitchen by the newly restored manor stove.

Groups of a minimum of 10 people can order catering in connection with a tour. We serve wonderful sandwiches from Pabst in Maribo and local must or coffee and cake. See the prices here and book together with booking a tour.

Guided tours with a special theme can always be booked, for example:

  • At the Reventlow family's table
  • Food, meals and their preparation in the 1700th and 1800th centuries
  • Enlightenment, formation and Reventlow's ideals
  • The great reforms 1780-1813, the thoughts and men behind: Reventlow, Schimmelmann and Bernstorff
  • Child Life and Reventlow's Childhood Views
  • The Reventlow family and the inspiration from Rousseau. Enlightenment and romance
  • The women of the Reventlow family
  • Letter writing, salons, motherhood and love
  • The art at Pederstrup and Reventlow as the patron
  • Juel, Thorvaldsen, Lorentzen and many more. REVENTLOW MUSEUM PEDERSTRUPS art collection and the story behind
  • Empirens manors - Pederstrup's interior design and use
  • Pederstrup's colors and furniture. Life in the home

There can be a maximum of 25 people in a group. Contact us here to hear more.

Evening tour

Evening at Pederstrup

When the sun goes down in the sky over Pederstrup, chandeliers and candlesticks are lit, and the atmosphere from before the electricity was invented spreads in the manor, while the guide in historical costume tells about life in the house, about the Reventlow family and their servants at the manor Pederstrup.

Before the tour, you can order sandwiches and juice or coffee and cake (minimum 10 people). See prices for meals here.

Special themed tours can be booked. Contact us to find out more:


Note: Danish only