Privacy Policy

Museum Lolland-Falster takes care of your personal data

Museum Lolland-Falster processes, stores and passes on personal information in accordance with the applicable rules and recommendations.   

We handle personal information 

The museum handles various types of personal information in connection with the tasks we carry out. It is e.g. name, address, email address and telephone number. 


Processing of personal data 

We process all registered personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation and they are only used for the purposes for which they were collected. 


We store personal information 

We store your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation and archive legislation. If others store information about you on our behalf, we ensure that the information is stored securely. 


If we pass on personal information 

Museum Lolland-Falster passes on personal information in some cases. It can e.g. be to data processors who help us with specific tasks. In those cases, we have entered into data processing agreements to ensure that the individual data processor meets the security requirements of the Data Protection Regulation. 

In this collaboration, the data processor is obliged to return or delete all personal information when the task in question for us has been completed. This ensures that it is subsequently not possible to identify persons who have been included in the task. 



If you sign up for the Museum Lolland-Falster newsletter, we will register your e-mail address. The information is used solely to send the newsletter. At the museum, there are a few employees who have access to this list, and who make sure that the list is updated. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. This is done by clicking on "unsubscribe newsletter" at the bottom of the newsletter. 

The personal information you have provided in connection with subscribing to the newsletter will be deleted. 


User surveys 

The museum occasionally conducts user surveys in order to make our upcoming events better, more fun and more targeted. 

In this connection, we collect name, address, telephone number, age and possibly e-mail. 

We use this data exclusively for statistical purposes. The information will not be passed on to third parties and will be deleted as soon as the statistics are compiled. 


We have a duty to provide information 

We have a duty to inform you that 

  • that we process information about you 
  • what the purpose of the treatment is 
  • what information we have collected about you 
  • how we store the information 
  • whether we may pass the information on to others 
  • what rights you have in connection with the registration. 


You have the right to insight 

You have the right to be informed at any time what information we process about you. It can e.g. be, 

  • what the information is to be used for 
  • who the recipients of the information are 
  • where the information comes from. 

You also have the right to have any incorrect information corrected and, in rare cases, to have the information we have about you deleted. 


If you have questions 

If you have questions about our processing of your personal information, you can contact us by mail 


You can complain 

If you are dissatisfied with the way we process your information, you can complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency,, which then examines the case and makes a decision. 


Read about the data protection regulation 

You can read more about the Data Protection Ordinance on the Danish Data Protection Agency's website 


Note: Danish only