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SPIS M a/e D provides space for collaborations, both current and new, that are relevant and fruitful in the story of and development of the local food culture.

SPIS M a/e D wants to invite local producers, food actors and enthusiasts as well as enthusiasts into the common positive narrative about Lolland-Falster's potentials.

SPIS M a/e D has had support from, among others, from the start Lolland LibrariesCOW FOOD at the University of Copenhagen, Taste for Life,  Frederiksdal Cherry Wine, KnuthenlundSOIL, Slowfood Denmark, Lolland-Falster Lovestorm og Center for Vocational Education on Lolland Falster (CELF). And since SPIS M a/e D's start-up, many more have joined.

Partners and sponsors

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Ellekjær's Beekeeping
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