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EAT M a/e D Grants

In the SPIS M a/e D Lolland-Falster project, a total sum of DKK 120.000 was set aside for special initiatives based on SPIS M a/e D's visions of local food culture and community-building activities.

It was:

Long table dinners, open cooking schools, workshops (for example in filleting, food waste, sustainability and raw material diversity), "taste" days, plays, product developments, fruit picking events, dinners in the field, harvest parties at farmers', fishing trips, etc.


  • The scholarship pool is NOK 120.000 in total.
  • As a starting point, the pool is intended as support for special initiatives based on SPIS M a/e D's visions of local food culture and community-building activities.
  • Target group for the scholarships: “local food actors, local chefs, business school cooking students, local producers and other food and culture projects on Lolland-Falster. "
  • There can be max. applied for DKK 30.000 per. application, but you may apply for less.
  • Scholarship applications are assessed and awarded by SPIS M a/e D Lolland-Falster's steering committee

Application criteria and formalities

The application must contain:

  • A short description of the project for which a grant is applied for (max. 1-2 A4 pages)
    • including list of partners in the project / collaboration agreements
    • time schedule
    • for events: time and place of settlement
    • for product development: purpose and wishes in relation to SPIS M a/e D Lolland-Falster's visions
  • Budget

Worth knowing:

  • You can apply for settlement of smaller events, part of a larger event or development of a product
  • The application must involve a minimum of 2 local actors in a collaboration
  • Events must be open (ticket sales or free)
  • Support may be sought for materials, raw materials and fees (however, the latter may not exceed 10% of the total application amount.
  • The project applied for must be completed and reported before the end of 2022
  • Reporting takes place via a short description of the event (max ½ A4 page and a max 15 min. video report, which can be posted on SPIS M a/e D-Lolland-Falster's SoMe platforms and website.
  • Feel free to write to us with your idea before application. So together we can ensure that it fits the project - and possibly. help qualify the project.

Practical matters:

  • Applications are opened for EAT M a/e D LOLLAND-FALSTER LEGATER July 1, 2021.

  • The pool is open as long as there are funds in it.

  • There is no application deadline - and applications are assessed on an ongoing basis (response time: Max. One month).

  • The project must be completed and reported per. January 1, 2023

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All applications are sent to

If you have any questions regarding the scholarships, or how to apply, please also contact us


Note: Danish only