The Reventlow Museum is getting a makeover before opening

The first look through the Reventlow Museum's large double doors will be a completely new experience in 2023. Right now the painters are in the process of putting the entrance hall in order and it will be unrecognizable again. The walls take on a beautiful yellow color and panels, windows and doors turn light grey. But not only that, the store will also be redecorated with a completely new and exciting product range.

A visit to the Reventlow Museum also gives you the opportunity to visit our newly decorated café, where both sweet and savory are on the menu. This year, the café has moved up into the newly refurbished blue royal hall and the beautiful setting is perfect for just this purpose. There is also a cafe outside so that you can enjoy the Danish summer and the beautiful park that surrounds the museum. It is also possible to visit the café without visiting the museum.

The Reventlow Museum opens for the 2023 season on 1 June at 11.

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Note: Danish only