Fun activities for your Easter holiday

In the old days, Denmark was full of farmers. They followed the changing of the seasons and looked forward to anniversaries and anniversaries, which were small bright spots in a busy and monotonous everyday life. Because in addition to good food and drink, these days often had a touch of magic about them. It was here that people tried to master nature in order to ensure increased growth, good health and fertile soils.

In order for you to get in the right Easter mood, we have collected some material so that you can get started with a few of the old traditions. There are tasks for the whole family and the opportunity to both make weather forecasts, get inspiration for cutting a geek letter or have a go at coloring Easter eggs with nature's own colours. Find the material here. Developed under the auspices of the museum's large food culture project.


And if you just can't get enough of Easter, you can visit DE GAMLE HUSE on 3, 4 and 5 April from 10-16, where there are lots of fun activities.

You can also visit the FOUNDATION MUSEUM in Maribo and MUSEUM OBSCURUM in Nykøbing F., which are open the three weekdays leading up to the public holidays and Easter Saturday.

During Easter, MUSEUM OBSCURUM is part of Our Nykøbing's Easter event, where with an Easter children's ticket you can visit various of the city's shops and get good things home. See more here

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