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The museum in the middle of Maribo

10.000 years of history on Lolland and Falster

Children at the Diocesan Museum

STIFTSMUSEET gives you a cultural-historical experience and takes you on a journey into the living history of Lolland-Falster.
On the ground floor you meet the Stone Age girl Lola and follow in her footsteps through the Stone Age. Did you know that the museum found a piece of chewing gum of birch bark at an archeological excavation and via DNA analysis, so researchers could tell us something about the girl who had used the chewing gum? We have used that knowledge in the museum's new Stone Age exhibition, where you can meet the girl, whom we have called Lola, and who lived on Lolland about 5700 years ago. 

The ground floor also houses the exhibition OMG (Oh My God). Here you can experience unique crucifixes from the Middle Ages. Here you can go hunting in exciting frescoes, get more knowledge about church building on Lolland-Falster and look at symbols associated with the medieval Christian imaginary world.

It is also on the ground floor that the museum's beautiful rune stone stands. Sædingestenen and Skovlængestenen both stand in the museum's foyer, so there is plenty of opportunity to admire them.

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