special exhibition


The sea has shaped Lolland's landscape and history for thousands of years. Since the first Stone Age people settled, we have exploited the resources of the coast - and the sea. At all times, the sea has been important to us, and in virtually all stories about Lolland, the sea plays an important role - as a business and resource, as what separates and connects.

Life on the coast has not always been easy. When the sea showed teeth, it could destroy everything humans had built up, yet one learned to live by, with and in spite of the sea.

In the exhibition, we look at two different eras, two different places - namely Syltholm in the Stone Age and Albuen in the 1900th century. We show finds made at the excavations in Rødbyhavn, as well as old fishing gear from the 1800th century onwards, which have not been exhibited before.

But what can the Stone Age fishermen on Syltholm have in common with 1900th century fishermen from Albuen? Maybe more than you think!

Visit the exhibition on the STIFTSMUSEET's 1st floor - and judge for yourself!


Note: Danish only