Oh my God!

Experience a piece of Christian cultural history

Experience an evocative and sensual exhibition about the beliefs of the Middle Ages. See the unique collection of historical chancel arch crucifixes and experience a piece of Christian cultural history of international format.

It is very rare to be able to display a collection of chancel crucifixes, which were destroyed in most places in Europe after the Reformation. The exhibition's nine crucifixes all originate from local churches on Lolland-Falster and have been through one 

thorough conservation process, which has uncovered intriguing details about the crucifixes' own history, manufacture and development.

The crucifixes constitute a powerful, visual experience. They tell about medieval crafts and at the same time contribute to the larger history of the Christian cultural heritage on Lolland-Falster.

Jesus on the cross
Suffering Jesus' face


Note: Danish only